My experiences with magic mushrooms


First magic mushroom experience, going out to bar/dancing

The first experience was when I was 17 years old. We had been smoking cannabis for some years and wanted to try something else. A friend (Wolter) suggested to try magic mushrooms on a Friday evening together with one other friend (Danny). We had no idea magic mushrooms were not the right choice for this setting.

We were at Wolter's house (parents downstairs) and made tea with fresh mushrooms, some 30 grams each. After eating/drinking the tea it took about half an hour before the first effects were there. As soon as we started to feel anything we wanted to leave Wolter's house because his parents were downstairs. Coming to the living room Bobby (the family dog, a Beagle) greeted us and this is when we noticed things were really not as usual. I never liked the dog but now I really understood him. After some patting we left on our bicycles to go to the next village, to a pub. This village was about four kilometres away and cycling was not going well. We couldn't ride next to each other for some reason and Wolter had enough of it halfway, he picked up his bike and started throwing it around shouting "I quit". Which was of course impossible.
After some persuasive talk he picked up his bike and we set off again.
Arriving at the village center we realised we needed money, something we didn't understand the value of anymore, so all three of us took 100 guilders from the ATM and we went into the pub/dancing. Inside the pub I felt everybody was looking at us and conversations were impossible because I couldn't focus on any subject, my mind played tricks on me.
After some time (the word and concept of time was something incomprehensive at this time:) we went outside to smoke a joint. None of us was able to roll a normal joint (I'm usually very good at this) and the result was pitiful, but we smoked it nonetheless.
We didn't go indoors again after that and decided to take a walk.
After a few hundred meters we came to an apartment building where Danny's grandma lived. We tried to visit her by climbing the outside of the building, didn't get very far and aborted this idea.
Some time later I found myself watching tv by leaning to a window, people were also watching inside the house I was leaning to. I felt very much at home but the people inside were not too happy with me standing there and they sent the dog to chase me away. The dog was a big german shepherd that came towards me barking. As soon as the dog was near me it stopped barking and understood I was just part of the family and sat down beside me. I patted the dog and understood I had to go.
I don't recall much of the rest of the night except cycling back home and seeing little midgetlike creatures diving into the bushes, running from one side of the bicycle path to the other (I later heard there were boy scouts having a dropping at that spot, so it was probably them).
The last memorable thing of this night was lying in bed wondering if I'll ever be normal again. This lasted a while (seemed forever) and the next day I woke up somewhat shocked from the whole experience.
The whole experience was totally weird and I didn't know what to think of it. I knew I would try mushrooms again but in a more quiet environmental setting.
Statistics of this trip:
Mushrooms: 30 grams of fresh Cambodian magic mushrooms
Duration: about 8 hours
Trip: very heavy, sometimes regaining normal consciousness in between. Colour, sound and feelings were much more vivid/strong.

Second experience, the beach, little critters and flames

I was 21 years old this time, here is what I can remember of this evening.
It was a very nice day in summer and we (my friend Wolter and I) decided to go to the beach where some other friends of us were already.
I had some dried Hawaiian mushrooms in my pocket and a bag with beer.
After a few hours on the beach Wolter and I decided it was time to eat the magic mushrooms, it was about 17:00. We flushed them away with some beer.
The effects came soon. Because of the previous experience I didn't feel like being with many people around me so I went for a walk. I walked some kilometers on the beach, then walked up the dunes and into the bush/grass lands that are there. I felt like an explorer. Saw many foxes and rabbits and other animals that are usually so shy you don't get to see them. I had the impression that animals didn't see me as a threat this time and I could watch them just walking by. I was in tune with nature like never before.
By now it was getting dark and I walked up the highest dune near the beach. On top I saw huge flames coming from the ovens of Corus (a large metal melting company nearby). These flames were so spectacular I couldn't leave this place. I sat there for hours until I got really cold and walked down the dune onto the beach. The sand still felt warm so I lied down for a while. Laying there I was soon surrounded by millions of little flies that sat in the sand and played a game with me, they came closer and closer and every few minutes one would fly over and sit on top of me. If I didn't move many more would come and if I chased it away the whole group moved back. I never knew these little creatures worked as a team so well, they were communicating with each other, that I knew for sure.
By now I was getting cold again and I walked back to the beach entrance. Wolter was sitting there on a dune and walked down when he saw me.
He told me he also had a great time. We wanted to cycle back now but Wolter lost his keys.
Wolter has a very creative and problem solving nature and soon found a large steel pole from a parking area (with a name tag on it) and started banging on the lock of his bike.
After some minutes a police car drove up to the beach entrance and two officers got out of the car, a man and a woman. They walked up to us and to our surprise they only asked us if we were doing well. We didn't answer and they walked past us to the beach.
We finally got the bicycle lock open and had a nice and sobering few kilometers cycling home.
The experience was very different from the last one and opened my eyes to the beauty of nature, this was not scary at all and I had a sense of understanding our strange world a little better afterwards. 
Statistics of this trip:
Mushrooms: dried Hawaiian magic mushrooms
Duration: about 5 hours
Trip: mild.

Third experience, bicycle trip

I think I was about 24 years old this time. Me and some friends were watching a comedian (Hans Theeuwen) on tv and the evening was quite boring. That's why me and a friend (Danny) decided to take some magic mushrooms.
The mushrooms were powdered and we both put about three grams in a bottle with AA drink, after shaking for a minute I drank about 3/4 of my bottle.
Within ten minutes I remember watching the ceiling which had little holes in it as it came to life. I couldn't calculate depth and when I turned my head towards the tv it was just a little box shouting at us.
That meant it was time to go for me and Danny. We took our bikes and started cycling towards the beach.
The first really weird thing we encountered was a big road that had trails of light on it from passing cars, we were not sure if it was safe to cross the road and cut through these lights that renewed in strength each time a car passed by. We were in very high spirits and couldn't stop laughing because of the silly situation.
After gathering some courage we managed to cross the road and cycled some more until cycling became very hard, I could see every individual particle of air which made seeing more than a few meters away impossible so we decided to stop at a parking space and just sit for a while.
After some time (again no idea of the concept "time") a car drove up to us, two people got out and one walked up to me and one walked towards Danny.
The man walking toward me stopped at a distance that I couldn't reach with my extremely focussed vision. He spoke. I could make up from the words that he wanted me to leave. I didn't feel like leaving and thought the best way to make him go away would probably be to just ignore him. That didn't help, the man came really close so I could see his face. Since I had some kind of supervision at that time I felt like looking straight through this man's eyes and into his soul. That probably scared the hell out of him but he nevertheless told me with a very insecure voice that sitting there was illegal.
I took a moment to figure out what to do and jumped up. I could see the man was wearing some kind of uniform but he was no police. Danny had already picked up his bike and came toward me saying we should leave. We decided it was probably best to head home. Cycling was still hard but better than before and we couldn't stop laughing when we remembered these guys' faces when we looked into their eyes.
Close to home we split up and I remember the weird experience of rain and still being able to see exactly where all the stars in the sky were.
Once I was home I had nothing more to do but travel my own mind and figure out questions that seem unanswerable normally. I had very much the feeling of going "deeper than words". All words with much meaning like "time, money, death, work" were completely irrelevant, all words and language felt irrelevant. This was very comforting and left me with a good feeling that lasted for many months and is still present today.
Statistics of this trip:
Mushrooms: dried and pulverised magic mushrooms (no idea which strain)
Duration: about 7 hours
Trip: Heavy, constant trip.